the limits of professional design

Update 4/29/2012: I recently found out who is the original creator of this diagram. Check out Colin Harman, a creative professional with some great work.

Professional graphics have their limits. I found a Venn diagram online the other day (originally in Spanish, so this is my own design), and I think it expresses the frustration of many graphic designers: our customers do not understand that their projects can’t be quickly and cheaply completed and still be the high quality products we want to sign our names on. We love creating stuff, doodling, and if you give us Photoshop, a graphics tablet, and the right excuse, we can mess around with our drawing tablet all day and give you something amazing, but you will have to choose which are the most important aspects for your project. Time, economy or quality?

Some business people even have the nerve to ask for free demo work. If they like what we do we might stay in business. Others think they won’t have to pay unless they like it. Hah. You may ask the baker for a small sample of his bread, but you don’t only pay for the loaf if you liked it. not on this planet.

To be real, my experience in this field has been quite positive. I have not had to deal with stingy or conniving customers, but I feel for my fellow designers who have.

Click to enlarge. I found this Venn diagram online the other day, but it's original Spanish would not have helped get my point across.

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  • Reply Colin Harman

    Maybe use the English Original:

    April 5, 2012 at 7:00 pm
    • Reply Brendon

      That’s a fantastic idea. The problem with re-re-reposted images is that you never really find out who the real creator was.

      April 29, 2012 at 3:44 pm

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