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A couple of Saturday mornings ago I invested some time into integrating my social networks.  I’ve decided that being a professional in an online industry will require a certain amount of name-making on the Webs, while posting status updates on Facebook (profile as well as business page), a photo on Path, a one-liner on twitter, a heavily-filtered Instragram frame and some kind of hire-me-now catchy pitch on LinkedIn… well it is tedious to say the least and wears away both at my patience as well as my “ctrl”, “v” and “c” keys.

How to Tweet to Facebook and Linkedin

How to Publish from Path to Social Networks

I was surprised at how simple this is to do, so I’ll be sharing my discoveries in social integration as I find them myself. Here’s the rub: you can post updates to several social media sites with one click. You can post particular items to particular networks. You can do this in a way that will make the rest of us nerds proud. I will show you the Path.

Some may now cry out: “But there are apps for that!” To which it behooves me to reply: “Yea my food fellow, but it is not mine to prove that my way is the best, but that it works… well… for me. And yes, I think my way is more fun.”

Please note that the scope of my project does not include assembling every byte of social network nodal output onto one very confused screen, but merely to reduce time spent posting updates.

Here are the Guides!

How to Publish to Twitter, Facebook and/or Linkedin using Hashtags

How to Publish to Several Networks with Path


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