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A Lenten Tradition: Easter Lily Planting Guide

Hello Lent 2019

Our journey of 46 days towards Easter begins today with ashes – which is admittedly as poetic as it is grim. Symbolism is one of a parent’s best tools to teach truths, but do kids 5 and under really need to delve deeply into ashes, penance and sacrifice? Instead, this year we’ve started a new family lenten tradition of planting an Easter Lily bulb together. We think the timing should be just right for the lily to bloom for Easter! Follow along and we’ll find out together!??

Easy 5-Step Tutorial

This is simple, affordable and fun to do with the kids- and it will serve as our daily reminder that life and beauty can come from what may seem dead and ugly. It will be for us a tangible reminder (a sacramental, if you will) of this truth as we journey with joyful anticipation towards Easter. There’s much more to learn through this activity than horticulture (but if you charter homeschool- you could use your instructional funds towards materials for this activity)!

What Lenten traditions do you have in your home? I’d love to hear your creative ideas for littles. And if you do end up following our tutorial, I’d love to see it! Please tag me and the hashtag #lentbulbeasterlily and feel free to share this idea with your friends whose kids may need an activity this rainy / wintry day!

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