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Now that you’ve heeded my previous article, you are tweeting selectively to LinkedIn, to Facebook, and of course to all those hoardes of Twitter followers which we know you have. With the trend heading towards online social-ism, I’m sure you at least have one home screen full of alternate apps which similarly allow you to voluntarily surrender your personal information in the name of having a good time. One nicety: if you can share to Twitter, you can post to at least two other networks. Now go. Post those Instragram photos of pants pleats.

I have recently stumbled upon a Path. It’s an iPhone only app which makes updating people you know well slightly more private, and in my opinion, more interactive. It’s a journal that your real friends can access, complete with photo-taking with stylized filters and blur control, location sharing, a “what I’m listening to” update and more… I find its real strength, though, is that I can choose certain things I want to let outside of those who can visit my Path, and share these automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. Highly recommended.

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