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I love RSS notifications for local graphic design jobs, garage sales, DVD release dates and more. I despise dedicated RSS readers.

For a guy who lives and dies by my iPhone, I don’t have a lot of apps. Don’t get me wrong, many apps land on my iPhone, but few are chosen to stay. At the end of the day, my iPhone’s home screen is inherited only by the well-designed, simple and very complete tools that I can actually use to get my tasks accomplished. I love a good app that does more than what I paid for. I hate switching between apps to get similar things done. OS X Apple Mail collects RSS feeds and displays them in my inbox, so why won’t the iPhone?

Enter the beautifully free Blog Trottr.

Enter the beautifully free Simply input your feed address in the first box on the home page, your email address, and how often you want updates (suggested: realtime). If you are a heavy user, consider signing up for a (also free) account. Your RSS news should arrive straight to your email client of choice, or if you’re like me, to every email client on every machine you use.

For those who may be still confused by the RSS technology, check Wikipedia for some good info. Some webpages and most blogs provide handy RSS “feeds.” Instead of regularly sending messages to your email address and risking being targeted by agressive spam filters, they rely on you using a client program to scan their feed for new information.


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