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Back in February I mentioned that my hubby had bought me something beautiful and shiny for my birthday, well here it is!

My very own Kitchen Aid!

A Kitchen Aid standmixer has been on my wish list for years! So when it came down to choosing between a pair of pearl-diamond earrings or one of these babies, it was tough. After a cost benefit analysis, the mixer won. No regrets here. It allows me to make a very handsome hubby very happy!  I’ve made batches of cookies and cakes and other goodies with this beauty, but my biggest feat yet has been making homemade bread.

Every third Saturday has become “bread-making” Saturday here. There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread wafting throughout the house, making the not-so-hungry instantly drool. I’ve been using a simple whole wheat bread recipe as a base and adding other grains, experimenting and constantly trying to outdo my last batch. Today I made my fourth batch, and the hubby has officially declared it the best yet!

Here are some pictures of the process! It normally turns into a whole-day project (especially since we like to sleep in Saturday mornings), but sooo worth it by suppertime. There are few things better than the fresh, warm homemade bread slathered with butter…mmmm.

After the first rise.


Dinner is served!


live. laugh. love.

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