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    Easy and semi-Natural Postpartum Padsicles: Make Your Own Cold Packs for the Days After

    Postpartum preparation is something we easily overlook.

    As baby #3’s due date is just shy of two weeks away, Brendon and I have been actively preparing for her arrival. I’ve washed and folded adorable, teeny clothes, bought a few things for the nursery, and have updated and crossed things off my Baby Prep “to-do” list. I’ve also purchased a few essentials off our registry to make sure we both feel as ready as possible for her arrival.

    In the midst of all the baby preparations, it is easy for me to overlook preparing for postpartum for myself, and though it’s not at all glamorous, I know a little foresight will go a long way for the days following Baby’s arrival.

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    You want an easier, better, shorter labor. Here’s my strategy.

    It seems like just yesterday that I was sharing my announcement photoshoot. At 38 weeks along, however, I am considered full-term which means the baby should do just fine if she chose to arrive… this week. I am slowing down, my body is feeling very stretched, and the simplest tasks such as making our bed or tying shoes just aren’t that practical. What were once simple, easy daily chores now require a strategic approach.