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I Can’t Stop Watching This Happy Birthday Video

Evie was our surprise baby, a gift from Heaven when we least expected it. Her sweet presence from the very beginning has been a balm for my heart, a catalyst for growth, an undeniable sign of God’s mercy and goodness, and a fountain of joy for our entire family. Her siblings claim she’s the cutest baby in the whole world. We wholeheartedly agree. We think she deserves all the happiest birthdays in the world, provided she doesn’t get any older.

As a seasoned mother, I was painfully aware of how fast this first year would go by, and therefore I made special effort to consciously treasure each unhurried moment. Nonetheless, the passage of time has surprised me again. I marvel at how much she’s grown, and yet at the same time, find comfort in seeing how very much of the same content, sweet, and happy baby remains from the womb. Stay little, my baby girl.

I’m so grateful for Brendon’s dedication to film, edit, and put together videos like this one which are true treasures. Homemade videos has to be a love language right? Because it does the trick for me. This happy birthday video is made up mostly of snippets from the last few months, as well as a sneak peek clip from her Dohl / 1st Birthday Party.

I can’t stop watching this over and over again. I hope I can share what joy she brings us with you in a small way through this video. Now I’m off to watch this video again.

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  • Reply Brendon Brown

    Oh my gosh she is the most precious little thing!

    April 8, 2019 at 6:48 pm
    • Reply Maria

      That smile gets me every single time. And her “hi!”. <3

      May 6, 2019 at 2:40 pm

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