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    Three Reasons Why You Want to Start Holiday Gift Shopping Now

    Holiday Shopping- Beautycounter Holiday Set 2018

    Back in the day, come mid-October, if I heard one more holiday-related ad or pitch I might have rolled my eyes all the way to the previous month. “We haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet,” I’d grumble under my breath, “slow down people!” Perhaps I was jaded by the consumer market pushing the next big holiday earlier and earlier each year, or perhaps I felt guilty about losing the importance of a celebration by having all the fun too early. I am sure you can relate.

    Now, however, as a mother of three, I have to admit I’ve been thinking of who’s been naughty or nice since July. As we cross into mid-October, it’s time to seriously mobilize, write down my lists, and plan out the next few months. If I’ve been smart and picked up the right gifts over the several months preceding the Holidays (which I have-yay!), I can stretch my dollar and get my loved ones and close friends some really nice things.

    I don’t think it’s too early to start thinking about shopping your Christmas list this year. Here are three reasons why you want to start your holiday gift shopping now:

    1. A Game Plan is a Sane Plan

    If you’re anything like me your list seems to grow every year. School, work, coworkers and new friends mean more parties or events and reasons to gift. What saves me from going bonkers (because in the end I am the one in charge of finding gifts for everyone else except for myself…although I’ll address this in the 3rd point) is planning ahead, having a game plan, and setting a budget. Don’t have the naughty/nice list?  Download this Free Gift Wishlist to get you started.
    A game plan allows me to stroll into Advent without anxiety, live it more fervently (as much as possible with young children), and spend more time preparing our home and hearts peacefully for the holidays, together as a family. I know my children are quick to pick up on my moods and I want them to grow up associating this holy season with joyful anticipation, and not “mom going crazy” season.

    Take it from me. Have the foresight and planning; save yourself the stress and money, and create the opportunities to share memories. Instead of rushing around and wasting the Eve in checkout lines and traffic, blowing your budget on rushed shipping, chasing down delivery trucks shaking your fist like a madwoman, you’ll be able to focus on family traditions and taking in the beauty of the season.

    2. Thought-out Gifts are Thoughtful Gifts

    Starting early gives you time to really put some thought into your gifts. Gifts are an outward sign of what’s on our hearts- a way to say “You matter -I love you- I am grateful for you.” Giving yourself enough time to think about that particular person and their unique situation, age, place in life is the heart of the gift and what really makes it truly meaningful. Some helpful questions to get you started are:

    -What would this person love but probably wouldn’t buy it for themselves or receive it from anyone else?
    -What would be meaningful for them?
    -What can I get them that has the greatest value to them?

    I love testing out new products for you as a consultant! This new deep nude color “Boardwalk” has become a personal favorite- it’s perfect for an everyday Fall Look!

    3. Find and Test the Deals

    Starting early means you will have the best selection and vendors at your disposal as well as tolerably long shipping times. This will be kinder on your budget (spreads it out over several months), will give you time to do your research (read reviews and set alerts for best prices), and thoughtfully gift-wrap them. Starting early also means you can test the gifts out, do some quality control inspection, and still have plenty of time to return and get something else if it doesn’t work out. The “testing” period also means it’s a good time to gift yourself as you test some things out. You want to give something you love right? Gifting is hard work, a little reward for Santa’s helper is definitely ok, especially when they are personal care/ beauty products. Buying a set with multiple options means you can test out a few for yourself and gift the rest. I love companies that have very generous and free return policies because that means I can test them out risk-free. Beautycounter has free 60 days returns for used and unused products a like!

    If you haven’t even started thinking about holiday gifts yet, well, you’re in luck! The holiday sets from Beautycounter this year just launched and they are absolutely gorgeous! With gift sets completely ready for gifting (just add a personalized name tag and a bow), ranging from $30-$89, there’s something for everyone (even MEN!).  Many of the sets can be divided into separate smaller stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, coach gifts, client and hostess gifts etc, coming to cost under $10 a piece and still looking like a million bucks.

    Give those you love the gift of health and preventative care bottled up as luxurious skin lotion, body care, and cosmetics. You’re sure to be everyone’s favorite gifter every Christmas to follow!

    Check out this year Beautycounter’s holiday sets gift guide or browse/shop online.

    Look for my review of the holiday sets and my favorites pieces coming soon!
    Download this Free Gift Wishlist!