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Save the REAL date!

Drumroll please….!!! For all you traditionalists who still love the good ole’ calendar, grab it off your desk/wall and circle this date. For all others, pull out your blackberrys/iphones and plug in this event. 7/1/11!

Interior of St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Charlottetown, PEI

So about last Monday…well, we were as expectant as you all were. No call. No email. No news. But we kept our hopes up. Tuesday…maybe Tuesday, Fr. will have time to get in touch with us. But Tuesday looked a lot like Monday so by towards the end of the day, I asked Brendon to call the office. Fr. was in a meeting so we left a message with the secretary. That evening, still no response; so we resorted to emails. With Ash Wednesday that week, his schedule was packed. So was mine with my trip out to PEI coming up at the end of the week. And Brendon was still feverishly ill. So by the time I hugged my parents and sister goodbye at LAX, we still didn’t have a date set.

Providentially, when I arrived to Charlottetown 12 hours later, our first stop was St. Dunstan’s Basilica where we’ve been hoping to get married this summer (thus actively contacting Fr). Brendon’s sister-in-law, Rebecca, was there for her rite of election, (she’s entering the Church this Easter! Yay!!!) and we were there to support her. Once I stepped foot into the basilica, I knew this was it. This is where I want to get married. The pictures don’t do the place justice. It is grandiose and beautiful. Silently, I asked God to please grant me that wish. Silently, he said yes back. I just didn’t know it…

Scott, Rebecca (elect), Bishop Grecco, Peter, Brendon, and Me!

We were invited to a reception with the Bishop afterwords, and the next thing we knew, Fr. was standing right behind us! The chase was over. We introduced ourselves and right there and then, he helped us set a date! July 1st…the feast of the Sacred Heart and Canada Day! How perfect! With free fireworks to celebrate our big day! So God answered my prayers, and quickly too. He is so faithful. Due to jet-lag it didn’t hit me until hours later, when I would turn to Brendon and squeal. We’re very excited to finally have a date set. Now it’s wedding planning, planning, planning!

Will update again soon! Life here in PEI so far has been quite an adventure. I’m still waiting for it to all sink in! Let’s just say, there’s still lots of snow, but the sun is shining, and being with my Love warms my heart! Hugs! xoxo

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  • Reply Christina

    *Sniffle* *Sniffle* *TEARS*
    We are just SO excited for you guys. You’re right – what a regal place to be married. You have always been God’s Princess and now he provides his princess with such a Church…
    I found it so encouraging how He had the perfect date for you set in heaven…His Sacred Heart…

    March 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm
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