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california dreamin!

We bought our tickets!!! I am so excited to be headed to California in September! I know it’s still about two months away, but this longing has been in my heart for the last several months. Yes, even as a 26 year-old married gal, I still get homesick. I suppose the sting will ease with time, and perhaps I’ll be more distracted from it once we have little ones, but for now, this California girl misses her family, her 엄마’s homemade Korean cooking, playtime with her sweet nephew (who’s growing up way too quickly), seeing her friends, mountains hikes, the vast beaches, real shopping centres, and why of course, Disneyland!

We’re leavin on a jet plane…


Last fall, my brand new, sparkling hubby bought me a plane ticket to visit home shortly after our wedding. However, due to those uncontrollable and unexpected curveballs Life sometimes chucks at you, I had to cancel my trip. So we’ve had this ticket voucher for months with its expiry date looming over us. Finally after listening to the nerve-pinching advertisements on repeat while on hold with Air Canada, getting shut down by one mean spiteful lady, cut off after 20 mins of wait time twice, and speaking with four different agents, I got a real human person on the other line: someone willing to listen. He not only allowed me to share my frustration and confusion regarding all these extra fees they were tacking on (new regulations), but empathized with me as a consumer, answered all my questions, and six hours later, made two of three fees disappear for me. He took my case on as a personal mission and tried multiple times at the only semi-possible loop hole he could find. After three failed attempts he took my number, said he’ll try a couple more times, and if I didn’t hear from him, call him back at his extension in four hours time. I was throughly impressed and might have caused a temporary deafness in his ear with my high-pitched, “REALLY?! YOU ARE SO AWESOME! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!”

From time to time, we encounter these good samaritans who redeem humankind in our eyes. It isn’t necessarily the result that makes the difference, but the genuine concern, effort, and a listening ear and open heart, that touch and inspire us to pay it forward.

Since I mentioned Disneyland, let me share some photos from our last trip to the magical kingdom during our Christmas visit to California. It was the first time we visited there together and Brendon’s first time ever! Enjoy!

[nggallery id=16]

live. laugh. love.


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