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    Kitchen Dance Party!

    Just dance!

    Even before we were married, whenever we spontaneously broke into dance, it was in the kitchen, mid-cooking or cleaning with some awesome tunes playing in the background. I love how we’re holding true to this silly but fun family tradition of breaking out in dance in the kitchen. Our young family is still discovering and creating traditions, and I absolutely love that this is one we can very easily honor and pass on. We hope we can one day dance with our grandchildren in the kitchen too!


    From Instagram: How I love this bunch so much!!! Do I really get to call them mine?! I love us. Every little thing that makes us, us. I love how we’re holding true to our silly tradition of dancing in the kitchen, and our crazy moves and love of music! I love our joy and love of life. My heart bursts with love for this man- @brendonwbrown- this fun, loving, amazing dad and these crazy awesome kids! ❤️


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    In the Ancient City

    Here is a great song that mom found this morning. It says some things that go with our blog theme and, well, our own experiences. Enjoy. It’s a local singer named John Connolly, and the video was made to showcase the camera work and not so much the audio…