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    Beautycounter: How My Babies Led Me to Live Clean

    It’s Earth Day!

    Today’s a great day to share what living clean and living green means to me. Sure, I could talk to you about how we use dryer balls instead dryer sheets, how we make our own multi-purpose cleaners, about our collection of stainless steel canteens and reusable shopping bags, how we buy organic and non-GMO food as much as possible, how we forged ahead into cloth diapering, etc. I plan to share all these thing in time.

    Today, however, there’s a concern very close to my heart. It’s an area of our lives which can be easy to overlook, and which could quite possibly be nullifying a large percentage of the efforts and expense which goes into running a greener household and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

    Today I am concerned about my skincare -the beauty, cleansing and care products I put on my body and the bodies of my family every day- and you should be too.

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