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Babies Don’t Keep

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    My Dear, Babies Don’t Keep

    Taking the Time

    Lately I’ve been watching my kids a bit more attentively…like really paying full attention to them, their mannerisms, reactions, facial expressions and how they play and interact. You know, kinda like the way you can get so lost just gazing at them when they were just infants…being so mesmerized by their every facial expression and coo. I think somewhere along the way I forgot how to look at my kiddos in that way and the reality is that more often than not, me watching them is me half zoning out or distracted…which isn’t’s only realistic sometimes because moms’ lives are overflowing with other responsibilities.
    However, the Holy Spirit has been tugging my heart back in this direction lately. Spend time with your children. Put down the phone/laptop and just watch them, be engaged, be present and just LOOK at them! Everything else can wait.

    Because Time Flies

    And you know what I’ve realized? I’ve realized how fast, how incredibly really fast they grow up! I know that this is nothing novel and something we say and hear so often, but wow, when it really hits you…it’s something else. Then I realize, oh my goodness it’s not going to stop, it’s only going to go faster…no, not my babies! How am I not savoring every moment of these baby and toddler years?! I know they are hard, so hard, but they are also so rich and so wonderful, so pure and so simple.

    All the cousins with Auntie Angie for her birthday party!

    Making Time Count

    And thus I’m trying to make every kiss and hug count, to be more patient, to laugh more with them and indulge in their stories and imaginative play. To give them snacks and snuggles…and to let some work take the sidelines as to focus on these precious treasures I’ve been entrusted with to care for. Finding the balance between family and work is an ongoing struggle for me as a WAHM but I know I have to consider myself so lucky too.
    I apologize for the slow pace the blog has taken these past weeks but I promise I have some awesome content brewing up and planned.
    For now though, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go enjoy my babies because my dear, babies don’t keep.