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Is it Worth Getting a Pregnancy Pillow?

Considering a Pregnancy Pillow

I admit I was skeptical of the $50+ price tag on a pregnancy pillow. I had used a varied assortment of pillows during my first two pregnancies, and that had been enough to get me by. Perhaps it’s age or the fact that I haven’t been in the best shape during this pregnancy, or that I’m just more worn out because I have two energetic toddlers to look after all day, but I started getting very uncomfortable since early in this pregnancy, so I seriously considered getting a pregnancy pillow to help me sleep.

These two keep my life very busy and entertaining. πŸ˜€

Doing My Research

I was waking up with ache in my middle and lower back and finding it difficult to sleep on the recommended left side through the night. So after a week or two of tossing and turning, I began my research. Attributes I was looking for included overall best value, quality, shape, and something petite-frame-friendly. I discovered that while there are lots of products out there from big names, most of these had mixed reviews. After reading several reviews and articles, I came to the conclusion that in order to find the pillow that worked, I’d have to try a few.Β  To make it worse, most well-reviewed options were above the $100 range, and we hadn’t budgeted for a pregnancy pillow that month. I closed my laptop and settled on going back to my nightly test of what combination of all the pillows from around the house would work for me. I’d also ask Brendon for back massages as needed.

photo credit: Madi Myers-Cook

A Surprise

I must have complained enough for Brendon to take a hint (although that wasn’t my intention). He surprised me with an early Christmas gift which came in an average large-sized brown amazon box. Turns out he was doing his own fair share of research into pregnancy pillows, something we are both borderline obsessive about (research, not specifically pregnancy pillows. Haha), especially when there’s a price tag.


The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

In the box was a Queen Rose pregnancy pillow which came vacuumed-sealed. It was hard to believe such a large pillow could fit in a box that size. This gift was definitely was a surprise! Once we cut open the plastic, it quickly puffed up to full size. I was also quick to note that it had no noticeable lingering chemical smell (something I am very sensitive to and always check for). Win! It’s a full bodied pillow (U shape) and has a nearly perfect balance of give and firmness, with the added feature of a side zipper to allow removal of extra fluff. The pillow is contoured and does a good job retaining its shape. I haven’t noticed any sinkage over time. The pillow cover comes off and is machine washable and dryer friendly. It comes in 5 different color combinations. Putting it back on was kind of a two person job or a bit of a workout but the zipper is strong and covered at the end which is nice touch.

photo taken from Amazon

My Personal Experience and Thoughts

I’ve now had it for about a month and can’t imagine sleeping without it. It hugs you in all the right spots and is the only pillow you need. It works just as well for sleeping from side to side as it does propped it up for lounging if you add a pillow for lumbar support. Audrey loves it and will climb into bed on my side just so she can use it too. I have to admit, it’s not big enough for both of us to use comfortably, and I do think that it’s more of an average-person-friendly pillow as I think it would give you more back support when you’re sleeping on your side. To give you some perspective, I’m 5’1.

It’s almost become a sleeping cue for me, which is an additional benefit. I can easily get out of it for those frequent bathroom visits (I simply lift one of the “arms” up and use it to help me sit up) and it has held up nicely. For a pillow in the lower price range (ranging from $55-60 depending on the cover), it has outstanding reviews (nearly 5 stars and over 1,200 reviews on amazon), and I have to say it has been worth every penny for the better sleep I’ve been getting. It made such a great gift! I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re considering a pregnancy pillow, or even just prefer a full-body pillow.

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