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where are we? good question.

Sometimes part of the adventure of life is waiting. Last September we announced that we were going to give it a go in the great U.S. of A. We moved out of our duplex, sold almost everything too large to fit in our car, and moved in with my very generous parents “for a month or so”. The plan was that since Maria’s Canadian permanent residency took us but a year, then my U.S. immigration would take no longer than that. We are still in Canada; we are still wading through a complex web of requirements for my Green Card, but we are still California dreaming (unless a P.E.I. summer tempts us to stick around here for a while longer).

We had a bit of a celebration last week when my police certificate arrived from Italy. As I’ve resided in several countries within the past 10 years, we’ve had to satisfy Immigration’s scruples, and spent countless hours these past months tracking down contact information, filing forms and waiting for police certificates stating that I have no criminal record in any of these nations. Here’s the first one!


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