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    Road trip Day 14: Claremont – Rest Day

    A quick introduction for those just joining us…

    Sharing our Road Trip, Day by Day

    From the day we arrived here and settling down, I’ve dreamed about sharing the daily logs from our road trip (which I shared only on my private Facebook page), photos and videos, as well as some funny adventure stories and practical tips/lessons for anyone planning to travel long distances in a very full car with very busy babies and/or toddlers. I wrote these daily updates as a way to keep our family in the loop and let them know, every night, that we had arrived at our next destination point safe and sound. Little did I know that we would get such a following of friends and relatives who were interested in following our trip! I am so grateful that God gave me the perseverance to keep them up because they are such treasures to our family now, and an online journal we can always look back on.

    Note: I have put the updates I wrote last year in italics so you easily differentiate what I wrote last year and what I’m adding today.

    I hope you join us for the next 15 days as we relive this forever epic #peitocaliforniaroadtrip! Below are the links in case you missed them.

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    Day 6 Louisville, KY to Michigan City, IN
    Day 7 Michigan City, IN rest day
    Day 8 Michigan City, IN to Davenport, IW
    Day 9 Davenport, IW to Bellevue, NE
    Day 10 Bellevue, NE to Fort Morgan, CO
    Day 11 Fort Morgan, CO to Grand Junction, CO
    Day 12 Grand Junction, CO to Hurricane, UT
    Day 13 Hurricane, UT to Claremont, CA

    Day 14: July 18, 2016

    Claremont – Rest Day!

    Today was a rest day. Audrey has taken a turn for the worse and has sick eyes. She’s feeling under the weather and I think it could be a combination of teething (2 are just right there ready to cut through), and perhaps a cold. She was so cranky all day and needed me right by her side or she needed to be in my arms, and even then she had some grumpy spells. I think my mind has finally given my body permission to relax a little and so it’s gone into total exhaustion mode and this morning I almost felt sick waking up and my body was so sore when Audrey woke up at 5am. However we took it as easy as we could, rested when the babies did, had some family pool time and enjoyed my family’s company.

    Reconnecting with my Family

    Although there’s still much to do in getting settled down and turning our new spot into “home”, I am grateful Audrey’s little bout of whatever this is, is happening now and not earlier. At least we’re here now. Dominic just took to his newest best friend, Eemo (Auntie in Korean), and already calls my mom “halmi” which is short for “halmoni” (grandma) but he often forgets to pronounce the “h”. It’s adorable. Hal-abeoji (grandpa) gave him a mini golf and guitar lesson this afternoon and Dominic has already made his contributions to their garden having learned so much about what to do with rakes from Grandma in PEI. 🙂 I think he’ll do just fine here. What a kid!

    Nearing an end of a chapter

    All in all, this whole trip has been surreal and challenging, but also so beautiful and blessed. What an adventure! To think this is just the beginning of this new chapter of our lives! Thank you all for your prayers and for joining us in this crazy adventure. Tomorrow we will officially make it to the end of this road trip! I’ll continue to post more pictures from earlier events of our trip and I hope to do one final post tomorrow. Time to sleep for this tired mama. God bless you and good night! #peitocaliforniaroadtrip #day14_restday