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    Royal Wedding Update

    Lady Maria Seo of the Lake Forest of Claremont and The Angels and Sir Brendon the Brown of Summery Side of Prince Edward’s Island would like to inform our regal retinue that we are still hard at work on our Royal Wedding preparation and would like to take this occasion to answer some questions we’ve received over the past weeks.



    Q. Where is your wedding registry?

    A. All over the place! Well, this is only partially true. Many of the stores and brands we like are more readily available in the States (which automatically means there’s a 40$ starting shipping charge). With our wedding guests in mind, we are looking for things we like in both Canada and the U.S. and we will provide an address in each country so we can cut those shipping charges. We have a cool web page we’re getting ready. Stay tuned.


    Q. What’s the post-ceremony plan?

    A. Pictures! Of course… with some surprises. We want to thank our wedding party, immediate family and special guests for their participation and support with a fine dinner at an undisclosed location, which will give all our other guests time to pull out their picnic baskets or enjoy a July 1st celebration dinner (don’t forget to make reservations). We have a private waterfront location reserved with a great view of fireworks, so we’d love to see you there. We will report back when we know the exact time.


    Q. We are CFAs (Come From Aways). Where should we stay?

    A. That’s a great question. We can provide some suggestions on a one-on-one basis. We would selfishly suggest that you stay close to us here in Summerside or Kensington, (Charlottetown would be cool, but it is 40 mins away) and if you’re up for an adventure, you may find a seaside cottage or just a bedroom on,, or If you talk with each other you can split rates. If we can get some numbers, we can haggle with local innkeepers for wedding party rates. Just let us know your arrival/departure dates and plans, and we will give you ideas however we can. PEI is buzzing with activity from mid-June to mid-September (, so don’t forget to pack your tourist disguise (Hawaiian shirt, DSLR camera, sunblock spot on nose…). And please, don’t just stay for the wedding.

    Any other questions? That’s what’s the comments area is for. Post your questions and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can (and that’s quick!).