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Mother’s Day

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    Motherhood and the Feminine Genius

    Hi everyone! I was asked to write a piece for My Saint My Hero’s Mother’s Day campaign this year and I wanted to share it here as well just in case you missed it, and because I have so many more photos from our photoshoot that I wanted to share. Last but certainly not least, I want to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to the incredible mothers in my life (especially my own) who have shown me the beauty of motherhood firsthand through their example, and who continue to inspire me to truly love with the entirety of my motherly heart.

    My greatest loves.

    A Restless Heart

    Every time I think God has stretched my heart to its fullest, to the point at which I am sure that I don’t have any more room to love, to give, He seems to laugh. And he keeps on stretching.

    I had never been happier or more fulfilled in my life than when I finally met my soulmate. My heart was brimming over and I felt a deep peace in my soul. My restless heart had finally found its missing half, the beautiful person God had chosen to partner with me on this journey towards Heaven. I didn’t think I could possibly have more love to give…that is, until I became a mother…twice. Each time my heart felt like it burst open with new rooms and crevasses to fill with love for this tiny little human being in my arms. It is truly indescribable. I fail to find the words.


    A Gentle Call To Love

    He chooses to work with each of our souls in the way that’s best for us. With me, he gently calls me to love, over and over again, because He wishes to draw me to Himself, He who is Love Incarnate. He calls me to love with all the finesse and exquisiteness of my femininity. I truly believe that God has seen it fit to grant women a special and deep capacity for genuine love, and in my mind, it is from this special gift whence flows the feminine genius we speak of. 

    Feminine Genius In the Every-day

    God urges me to use this gift of love as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister in the family and community in which he has placed me. My feminine genius lies in my ability to love in the littlest of details, to love through patience and kindness, through listening, caring and serving in the hidden tasks that keep the household running, to love by sacrificing my image in order to be fully present for my children, through expressions of love and charity to those around me. My feminine genius shines most brightly when I use my creativity and talents to love the family and mission God has entrusted to me. It is by means of this genius and God’s grace that I can truly fulfill my vocation: to be the beating heart of my precious family, our domestic church.

    My husband and children continually challenge me to love more, love fiercely, love protectively, love generously, love humbly, love more purely. Together we are leading each other to sanctity in a beautifully organic and wholesome way. Thanks, in great part, to the Feminine Genius which is a mother’s gift.