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    “The Tricky Chemistry of Attraction”

    I read a very interesting article in The Wall Street Journal this morning. The research is still in its early stages but I think there’s a lot of common sense to it. This is what happens when we override the natural chemical order of things. When we mess with God’s perfect designs such as the intricate and beautiful plan of procreation, things can only spiral downwards and get very confusing. When we try to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist (i.e. the “problem” of natural fertility during ovulation), we end up with a real problem. It’s interesting that while our world is so caught up with going back to nature- a natural, organic lifestyle in foods, medicines, products, etc. we still feed the demand for the most artificially chemical form of birth control. There are so many unknown and possible side affects, and yet, we gobble it up for a strand of “carefree” fun and pleasures, that end up leaving us chemically unbalanced and spiritually and emotionally empty…dissatisfied.


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    I’m glad to see there’s research like this in progress. Whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting read and food for thought and conversation. It’s always better to stay informed! Happy Sunday, everyone!