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    Blog Reimagined

    Hello folks! This blog has been pretty sleepy lately…for the last 8 month to be precise. Since taking our crazy, adventurous, and long roadtrip move from PEI to Los Angeles, our life has been exciting, yes, but also oh so busy!

    For the last few months the Holy Spirit has been dropping hints here and there, through comments from friends and the desire in my heart, to see the need to refocus and relaunch this blog from something that has been more purely anecdotal and personal, into a more open resource for not only our close family and friends, but to other moms and dads out there who may be as entrenched in early parenthood as we.

    I am currently in the reimagining stage as I draft out a new custom design and create a content calendar so I can really hold myself to this blog, so bear with me! You may have seen some changes already but this isn’t the final design. Since learning to build websites on my own and can fall back on Brendon’s coding expertise, I am confident I can bring you something easier to navigate and more beautiful to look at… I want to custom-create a place you’d want to come visit time and time again and find delight in. Please note: I will however continue to post new blog entries here while the new design is completed and coded, so bookmark us and come back often!

    I apologize for any glitches and am so open to your suggestions to what you’d like to see here! Meanwhile please enjoy this little snippet of our family’s past few months via these pictures. 🙂


    Adieu for now my friends; see you real soon!