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    Qeepsake: Automate Your Baby Scrapbook!

    Baby Books?

    As someone who loves crafts and scrapbooking, I initially thought that keeping up with a baby scrapbook would come easy. And then there was reality. Of course the desire was very much there. At the end of the day it was so hard to find any time for it, especially in the thick of it.

    Boy, the reality of being a new mom with a newborn hit me like a ton of bricks. My life was turned upside down in so many different ways that I scarcely had time to take a shower or even get changed out of my pjs. Not to mention the growing laundry bin and dishes! Anything that wasn’t essential got swept to the sidelines, especially things like memorabilia. In addition to all of the change, I also struggled with low-supply so between nursing, pumping, and supplementing in addition to diaper changes, naps, and basically surviving, the lovely scrapbook on the bookshelf just gathered dust. With baby #2, life didn’t slow down at all. I didn’t even entertain the idea of a baby book for her, and just boxed away a few treasures. I had given up all hope. At least I had captured millions of photos of them from my phone, right?

    This was until I discovered Qeepsake.

    Enter Qeepsake – the Baby Scrapbook

    Qeepsake Lite sends you one single text or Facebook message per day per child. You simply answer in your own time, and voila! It’s saved in your journal. Occasionally I don’t bother to answer a question as it doesn’t really apply, but most are ingenious and I’m so glad they’ve thought of them. As a mom I pretty much always have my phone on me, so this is so easy to do and doesn’t require me to dedicate a lot of time – I simply answer when I get the chance and go about my day. I also have the chance to edit it online so I don’t get hung up crafting the perfect answer, thus preventing me from finishing.

    I currently use the Lite version as I don’t find the need for any more than just a question a day. If I’m being honest, I still don’t get to it by a reasonable hour some days. With the free Lite version, if I miss a question (the 24 hour time frame), I can’t go back and answer it, so I need to be on the ball.

    You may be interested in taking a more proactive approach, uploading additional photos and extra content. You would have the ability to answer missed questions, and even order a Qeepsake Book of all your entries and photos. Paid packages start pretty reasonably at $35.88/ year. This would also make a very unique and thoughtful gift for new parents!

    What’s Your Solution?

    I’m curious to know if anyone else is currently using Qeepsake and your thoughts on it? I have yet to find a simpler system but am open to suggestions! How do you beat the mama-got-no-time problem and capture these precious and fleeting moments and milestones? They are little for only so long and time really flies so I want to make sure I capture the important moments as best as I can. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!