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Sisters, Sisters…There were never such devoted sisters

White Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies to watch this time of year, and without fail we always burst out singing along and laughing at the ‘sister act.’ If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it! It really is a classic and so quotable. Besides, who can resist Bing’s smooth crooning?


Sisters make the BEST babysitter and extra set of “eyes, hands, and heart” for when you go on Disneyland adventures as a family!


There’s something to be said about sisters. It wasn’t until I was in college that I learned to truly appreciate what a gift I had in my little sister, Angie. Age-wise we are 2.5 years apart so we were the closest of the siblings growing up, and although I remember a lot bickering and feeling she was the competition, deep inside I have always appreciated having her around and have been constantly edified by her generosity and good-heartedness in more ways than I can count, and so many more ways than I should have expressed. She is a gem of a person and I am so proud to be able to call her my sister.

Sisters & Best Friends

I think that the more life events and milestones we both experience, the closer we get, as these experiences tend to change and mold us into the people that we are. For example our shared experience of attending an all-girls boarding school in Rhode Island, and both of us having discerned that the consecrated life wasn’t our calling, really brought us closer together. I am now a wife and and a mother and I am positive when the the time comes for her to experience married life and motherhood, we will grow even closer.

Our friendship really blossomed once we both returned home in our late teens and were finally living under the same roof again. She was there for me in hard times, supporting me and being a sympathetic listener of all my boy-woes, without judgment, and was also there for the many fun, happy times. I loved having a friend-a confidant, with whom I could talk about most anything, be they silly things like nail polish or makeup, or more spiritual things and shared family memories. She is the best shopping buddy – with her impeccable taste and shop-til-you-drop attitude- plus she is a foodie like me, and I love having someone to enjoy period-dramas with. Even to this day, after my husband of course, she is my closest friend, and someone I can talk to about almost anything, especially the stuff that makes my husband’s eyes gloss over. We all know what I am talking about…

These two, only 19 months apart, are as thick as thieves.

Kate Spade: Double Bow Dress (birthday gift from her Eemo, Angie) // Sweet Valentina: Gold Baby Crown Headband // Gap Kids: Khaki pants // Carters: Button-up shirt // Old Navy: Brown leather belt // Jumping Beans: Boots

The Gift of a Sibling

As a parent, I can now appreciate that a sibling is one of the greatest and most singular gifts a parent can bestow on their child. A sibling is a life-long friend with whom you share the most important aspects of your life all the way at least until adulthood. As much as I love my brothers, there’s no denying that my sister and I share a special bond, a bond that isn’t just unique to the two of us. I witness this between my mom and my aunt, my mother-in-law and her sister, and many friends around me. I truly treasure my relationship with my sister, and had a secret hope since Audrey’s birth that if God willed it, I would love the possibility for my sweet baby girl to have such a relationship of her own in time. So naturally, when I found out about this current pregnancy, I had to be on Team Pink. A parent only wants a healthy sibling for her children – boy or girl, a child is a blessing to the entire family – but  we are allowed a bit of preference, aren’t we?

Absolute Rosy: Accordion Pleated Skirt Satin Evening Dress //  My Saint My Hero: The Greatest Love Deuteronomy 6:5 Bangle (Vermeil Rose Gold) // LOFT: Earrings & Gem Studded Bracelet (old but lots of options on sale now) //

Team Pink

I was once told that God plants desires, those that are pure and good, in our hearts so He can fulfill them. And in this case, I wonder if it was one of those, where He blessed a hidden and simple desire because…we are welcoming a new baby SISTER to the family in March!

It’s A Girl Banner Laser Cut Felt 50 inches wide – Pink White Gold Shimmer Glitter Hearts and Polka Dot //

Bring on more pink, flowers, tutus and dresses! We can’t wait to meet our newest little beauty!




PS. I hope you enjoyed the few more photos from our photoshoot with the amazing Madi Myers-Cook earlier this month!

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