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One week left #peitocaliforniaroadtrip

Dear family and friends,

Can you believe we’re already at the one week mark before our long trip?! Weren’t we just celebrating Father’s Day? Where have the days gone? Despite the fact that we’ve been sorting and packing everyday for the last week or so, it seems as if there’s a never ending amount of belongings that surface and need to be sorted out (throw it out, give it away/sell, or pack). I think it’s safe to say we’re about a third way finished with all of it. Here’s to hoping for a very productive next few days!

A beautiful day for kite flying with Grandpa on Father’s Day!


Packing, sorting, detaching, planning, taking care of babies…and repeat: my life this past week. Hard to believe we begin our road trip in a week!!! ????????? Note: Vacuum space saver bags are amazing! #peitocaliforniaroadtrip #somuchtodosolittletime

Babies are amazing creatures. Besides being the cutest and the most precious things entrusted to us, and their incredible ability to go from perfect angels to wild beasts in the matter of split-seconds, they also seem to have this sixth sense in picking up any change within the family atmosphere. Once they do, they go into this mini-panic mode it seems, to readjust. Our toddler has responded to all the change by deciding this was THE time to test boundaries and an off-and-on strike on potty training. Baby girl has decided that she needs more snuggles and up in mommy’s arms time. The cacophony of their voices, ranging from sweet singing (for example, Dominic sings Handel’s hallelujah chorus in bed) to full on sobs and whining, is the near constant soundtrack of our days. The silence which befalls our home after the babies are finally in bed has never been sweeter. Brendon has been taking a few hours off everyday to help watch the babies while I make some headway into the packing. What a blessing that he works from home!  Other times, with the help of the TV, baby gates, snack and toys we’ve been able to both work at packing while keeping a close eye on them.

The babies have been doing a lot of this lately as we pack. Baby gates, tv shows, snacks, toys, and frequent check-ins will have to suffice as temporary baby sitters to get the work done! I think we’re about a third way through packing! #t-6days #peitocaliforniaroadtrip


On the road-trip planning side of things we’ve made some progress! We plan to leave early Sunday morning and take about 10 days to complete out trip heading south to cross the border in Maine. We’ll be visiting several dear friends along the way which will make this daunting drive so much more pleasant. Thank you dear friends who have made time to see us and those of you who have opened up your homes to us! We cannot wait to see you! Our friends and a few wonderful Catholic women (from a Facebook group I am a member of) have given us such amazing insider tips and suggestions for our trip. We are so blessed! I hope to compile and share them with you all once we’re settled so anyone who is thinking about taking a similar route can benefit from them.

We’ll always cherish these tender moments of snuggles and smiles with Grandma and Grandpa…especially as we begin our “see you later”s. We’ll miss you Grandma, more than you know! Safe travels today and we’ll see you in California when the winter chill of PEI turns you and Grandpa into snowbirds! ?????


Last week we said “see you later” to Grandma. Little D was always her little sidekick and we know although he doesn’t have the words to say it, that he misses her dearly. We do too! This week we’ll say more “see you laters” but not without seeing a few faces we’ve missed lately (Hannah and Jeremy) and celebrating with our loved ones here. We have a very busy and eventful week ahead of us! Beside continuing our packing and planning there are few celebrations coming up (Citizenship ceremony, family photo session, Anniversary, Canada Day) so stay tuned for a few quick updates as our week progresses! Please keep us in your prayers that we can keep God’s peace and joy in our hearts, and for lots and lots of patience and energy!




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