More precious than gold

Today, I spent over 6 hours wedding band shopping. Did you know that the cost of gold at this moment is $1,429.30/ounce? It’s value has spiked over the past few years and it looks as if it’s only going to keep rising…like the price on everything these days. Nonetheless, there are some pretty great deals out there, and I think I’m close to honing down on the perfect ring for my hubby-to-be!

So why, you may be wondering, am I posting up pictures of these gorgeous ladies?

Last weekend, a couple of my dearest girlfriends visited me for a little ‘going-away’ get-together. The last time I had seen any of them was more than 4 months ago. Life changed drastically for all of us in 2010. Colleen married the love of her life, Hillary moved back home to Central California, and Pauline went off to school for photography.  Although we grew far apart physically, I found that despite the distances, our friendships didn’t. It must be a theme of some sort in my life at the moment. Physical distance does not necessarily mean spiritual/emotional distance. It felt as if we just picked up where we left off and time had ceased for us.

After hours of gushing over wedding preparations, proposal story, catching up on life, laughing, munching on delicious Trader Joe’s food, and sipping hot cider, we parted ways again…not knowing when our paths would cross again. However, I know when I do see them again, our friendship will be alive as it is now…for friendships born in God never fail.

I thank God for such wonderful, loving people in my life. My friends, my family, my fiance…these people are the true treasures in my life…much, much, more precious than gold ever will be!

Pauline and me! Friends for over 20 years. The older sister I never had.

Pauline and Angie, my amazing  sister and MOH!

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    March 3, 2011 at 7:19 pm
  • Reply Brendon

    I hadn’t seen these pictures, babe, thanks for sharing! I’m glad your party succeeded in bringing your closest friends to your side before the big move!!! I love you!

    March 3, 2011 at 8:08 am
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