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Game 5, Chips & Beer vs Sleep: New parents’ choices

Last Saturday after sneaking out of the bedroom with Dominic finally fast asleep, I did a little victory dance and joined hubby on the couch to watch Game 5 finals for the Stanley Cup: LA Kings vs NY Rangers at the Staples Center in LA. It’s quite amusing how much I enjoy watching hockey games now that I’ve been living in Canada for the last 3 years. As a native Angelino, I was excited that the Kings were leading 3-1 and was hoping to watch THE winning game. Hubby had a mug of frosty beer and a bowl of chips ready and set the volume at just barely audible (so as not to wake the bambino). The game started at 9pm and every minute that passed was eating into our sleep time, but we’re only young once, right?

We snuggled and watch the first period, washed up during the break, then began the second. 11pm was creeping up on us and I could feel my eyelids getting heavy, my brain slowing down to a crawl and I knew the prudent thing was to call it quits, hope for the best, and go to bed. I looked over at Hubby and he knew exactly what I was thinking. Few minutes later we were snug in bed, fast asleep.

Dominic woke for his first night-time feeding about two hours later, and as I sleepily fed him I checked my phone for the score and smiled. They’d won…we missed the winning game but I didn’t care. Sleep was oh so sweet and so worth it. It’s then I thought how different our choices were now compared to just a few months ago. We would have stayed up, perhaps even have been over at someone’s house to watch the game with them.

Brendon and I quickly learned that one of the myriad of things that change when you become a parent is your priorities. Nothing wakes you up to that reality as much as the first few weeks of sleepless nights with a newborn. What once was high up on the list of importance now scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Not everything can be accomplished, and what is more, your previous pleasurable hobbies have very little space nor say in your life anymore. Sleep is king; grab a wink whenever you can! Everything else: dishes, laundry, a tidy home, emails and errands can all wait.


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