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four months

four months

Dominic is four months old already! He is a bit cranky and needy today as he battles a low-grade fever after his second set of needles yesterday, but he still had a few smiles for us. He’s measuring in at 15 pounds 3 ounces, and 24.5 inches-about the length of my torso! He’s growing like a weed and becoming so much more self-aware everyday.

His accomplishments this month include:
1. Supporting his head and lifting his torso to look around while on his tummy.

2. Rolling onto his tummy and onto his back all by himself.

3. Getting his knees underneath him to scoot forward (although he ends up sideways).

4. Singing along when we sing to him and during the responsorial psalm at Mass.

5. Grasping and pinching everything within reach especially his toys, blankets, our clothes, fingers, and arms…and then bringing them to his slobbery mouth.

tummy time!

Tummy time!

No month is complete without a new challenge. This past month we’ve encountered the ugly face of teething (the early stages) complete with a cranky baby who cries relentlessly, painful bum rashes, red cheeks and globs of drool. No teeth yet but from time to time he’ll have bouts of fussiness when he’ll just burst into tears and cannot be soothed. It’s so tough when you feel so helpless to calm and soothe your little one!

We’re still battling Dominic’s sleeping habits. He is a light sleeper who is sensitive to sounds and lights, so we’ve been implementing room darkening techniques (draping a blanket over the curtains), white noise, and side-laying which helps him stay asleep longer (it limits his crazy active hands that often wake him). He still only falls asleep in our arms, and wakes every 3-4 hours through the night to feed, but his bright smiles and giggles in the morning help make these restless nights worth it.

Dominic’s favorites things include: playing with dangling teething rings, blankets, smiling and laughing at the baby in the mirror, playtime and conversations with Dad, cuddles with Mama, and going on walks when it’s not too windy out. This curious boy loves to see people, especially his dear Grandma.

out on a walk

Out for an adventure!

play time!

Play time!

Parenting is hard but it is not without its rewards: the look of love from your little babe as you feed him, his little hands grasping yours, his smiles, coos, and laughs, his peaceful face as he slumbers in your arms…these are a few of the joys I’ve come to treasure. Each day is a new challenge and each day Dominic stretches my heart to love a little bit more, better, selflessly, and wholly. He is transforming my heart into a heart of a mother.

happy baby

Bring on month five!


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  • Reply Gramma brown

    Ooooooooh and how I LOVE that little boy! He’s so sweet and such a character …. He looks for his momma and papa when the leave the room.Then… Once they are clear ,out of site, he looks at gramma and says” let’s run off and get into mischief ”
    …not really but …gramma does like adventures with trees, bugs and puppy dog tails 🙂

    June 19, 2014 at 9:00 pm
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