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Christmas sweets

Although our Christmas tree is long gone, probably chopped up as firewood to heat some family’s home, and the decorations are boxed up and put away, we still have some remnants of our first Christmas together lingering around our home. In our freezer to be precise.

Brendon and I spent the entire morning on Christmas Eve, baking and assembling these cookie platters. We had reindeer all over our dinning room table and up the stairs on cooling racks. We cracked open several windows to let the wintery air help keep the antlers put and prevent further melting. It was quite the process and we felt like Santa’s elves working the cookie line!

It all paid off at the end. The awww’s and oooh’s these little suckers got were well worth it and they still taste amazing now.

I know Christmas is another 10 months away…but I think you can tinker with these recipes to fit whatever occasion. Sprinkle crushed cinnamon candy or heart-sprinkles on top of these brownies and you’re good to go for Valentine’s Day! As for the peanut-butter reindeer cookies, you’ll have to be a bit more creative…perhaps Easter Egg cookies or the Easter Bunny? If all fails, you can simply bookmark this page in your Christmas folder and return to it in 10 months time!

I hope all of you are keeping warm and your spirits bright through this winter!


P.S. The hubby bought me something beautiful and shiny to keep me baking, for my birthday…any guesses? Will share pictures soon!!! πŸ™‚

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