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Avonlea Village

Although I’m a California girl through and through, I have to admit that, with their sunshine, blue skies, cool seacoast breezes, warm sand between your toes, fresh seafood, wild flowers framing the highways, and fields of green and trees that stretch on for miles, Summers on the Island are simply heavenly. After a long and harsh winter, our little family is so happy for brighter, warmer days, and Summer adventures!

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A few weeks ago, on a gloriously sunny afternoon, we packed a picnic and headed east towards Cavendish for an afternoon at Avonlea Village. Cavendish is one of the most beautiful towns on Prince Edwards Island, a true tourist hotspot, with everything from gorgeous white-sand beaches and nature trails to golf courses, from amusement and water parks to old-fashioned “Anne of Green Gables” activities. Despite having both one native Islander and one Anne-fan in our family, this was our first time at Avonlea Village.

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As someone who has read all the Anne books,  and of course watched the films, the moment I stepped foot into the Village I felt transported into the make-believe world of that red-headed girl. Cast members were in costume and in character bustling around the main street. To the West stood the Avonlea Schoolhouse where Ms. Stacey was leading a flag-decoration class for the afternoon Flag Parade. She playfully chatted with a precocious little boy who insisted on retelling the story of how Gilbert had teased Anne calling her “Carrots” and how Anne was unjustly punished by Mr.Phillips. Just outside the windows we could see kids running around playing with tires, swings, and the wooden seesaw. A few shops down was Marilla and Matthew’s sweet home complete with green gables. Around the back we caught Anne yapping away, oblivious to Diana sipping -then gulping- down that delicious “raspberry cordial”. We took a seat and enjoyed the rest of the show.

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Afterwards, we explored the Church, listened to some folk music, and introduced our Little D to the various animals at the small petting zoo. There were goats, piglets, calves, a donkey, chickens and chicks, rabbits, and horses. Little D was especially fascinated with the chicks! Our day there ended with a rowdy pig race and the flag parade.

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Overall we were impressed with Avonlea Village and definitely consider it a must-visit for any Anne of Green Gables fan who has the opportunity to visit Prince Edward Island. While it isn’t a large park, it is full of charm and imagination, and well maintained.

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Before heading home, we stopped by the beach in Rustico to enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and wiggle our toes in some good ole’ Island red sand. It was a lovely and restful day, and additionally, Dominic was in good spirits! We look forward to more summer adventures and sharing them with you!

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