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act 2: halifax & antigonish

Well we’re back in Halifax…again! Hannah’s starting off her third year of university with a fresh move to a (hopefully) nicer place and being the awesome brother and sis-in-law that we are (did I mention humble too?), we volunteered to help out. We’ve been building up our moving muscles the last few weeks for our own move (surprise!). We moved just this past Tuesday …not far… actually just about 7 minutes away…but nonetheless, it entailed emptying our home into totes and boxes, scrubbing down, lots of garbage bags (aka detachment), and sneezes.

But more on that later. Anyways, before I store up another album of photos and stories from this trip, I feel obligated to share the rest of the adventures from our last trip to Halifax and our short one-night stop in Antigonish. They pronounce that “Anna-gon-ish,” whereas I first thought “Antigon-ish”-you know like the Greek play, Antigone, we all read in High School…? I digress. Blame this delicious red wine I’m sipping on top of the local Garrison beer I had with supper. After several weeks of moving, there’s definitely nothing wrong with sitting back and sipping a little dessert after a hard day of work.

live. love. laugh.



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