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our long Victorian weekend: part two

My handsome Hubby and his beautiful Mama

We slept in and took things easy yesterday as it was a holiday. The weather was gorgeous- bright blue clear skies, an ocean breeze, and the warm sun happy as could be. It was a perfect day to go garden-supply shopping…and we weren’t the only ones who thought so! The parking lots were packed at Kool-Breeze Farms and at the Garden Tent event at the Superstore. Brendon and I picked up some mint and chives seeds to plant, and Mama Brown found nice wooden trellises for her garden. I was never one to have much of a green thumb due to allergies and a phobia to bugs, but I do enjoy walking through gardens and capturing the beauty of nature.

Later that evening, we all gathered for a family BBQ with hamburgers, chorizo and sausages, chicken, sweet potato fries, a garden salad, a delicious Riesling (homebrewed by Mama Brown), and cold beers. And for a sweet finish after the feast, we nibbled on homemade mint chocolate chip cookies by yours truly. Heath, the youngest of the Brown clan and Brendon’s godson, provided us with ample entertainment with his charm and energy. Lately he’s been speed-crawling, finds toes fascinating, and likes anything bright, shiny, and with tassels.  These pictures are a few weeks old, but you can see how easily he becomes the center of our world! There couldn’t have been a better way to end a long weekend than with family.

The youngest heartthrob of the Brown family! Heath and his love, Grandma!


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